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There are three options for visiting Bodega Contador:


1.A basic winery visit of approximately 1½ hours, including a tasting of a red and a white wine.


2.Visit the winery, the cave “Cueva del Contador” and a selection of vineyards. Lasts either a morning or an afternoon, including a tasting of four wines: Predicador White and Red, La Cueva del Contador and La Viña de Andrés Romeo.


3.The “a la carte” visit, for the most discerning enthusiasts. A full day dedicated exclusively to them, with a tasting of all the winery’s wines and a choice of complementary activities: hot air balloon flights over vineyards, excursions to ancient winemaking facilities built into rock outcroppings, lunch amongst the vines, etc.


For further information and reservations:

Tel: (34) 941 334 228


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